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There Is No Substitute For Experience


LP – “I was charged with DWI after a one vehicle accident. I evoked my rights to refuse any field sobriety tests. Mr. Besen tried my case and I was found not guilty. Things were handled exactly as described. I couldn’t be happier with my whole experience. I would highly recommend Ted to anyone.”

KM – “I was wrongfully charged with 1 st Degree Burglary, Larceny After the Fact, Firing into an Occupied Residence, and Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Mr. Besen tried my case in superior court and was able to uncover all the “supposed” victim’s lies. I was found not guilty. Ted is a straight forward attorney and will not sugar coat your situation but he will fight for you to the end. If I had to describe Ted as an attorney I would use words like, professional, smart and dedicated to his clients.”

WP – “I was charged with DWI for backing into another car and leaving the scene. At my DWI trial; through questioning by Ted, he was able to bring out many inconsistencies in the officer’s testimony in which the judge called into question the truthfulness of the officer and I was found not guilty. The office of Ted Besen is professional, competent and knowledgeable. With kindness they listen, solve problems, and keep their commitments.”

JW – “I was wrongfully charged with 1 st degree murder. The trial lasted 3 weeks. Ted obtained a hung jury with a 6-6 split, so 6 people found that I was not guilty. If you need the best lawyer in Asheville go to this man! Down to earth, caring, and knows his business! I recommend him highly.”

MA – “I was charged with Possession of Illegal Drugs. Ted took my case to trial and was able to show that both law enforcement officers had fabricated their testimonies. This resulted in the state offering me a conditional discharge of my charges. Throughout the entire process, the office was easy to reach, returned my calls and took time to make sure I understood the process. I would highly recommend using them.”

HF – “I was unfortunately charged with 1 st Degree murder. Mr. Besen was able to get my charges reduced to Manslaughter with advanced supervised release. This allowed me to get out of prison after 40 months, instead of spending the rest of my life in prison. Ted was awesome and very polite. I would highly recommend him to others. He always kept his word of everything he was going to do and my family really appreciated that.”

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