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Restraining Orders — Free Consultations

North Carolina law allows a person to obtain a restraining order against another person when he or she believes his or her safety is at risk.

It is common for a person to file for a restraining order when there have been past fights, threats or accusations of stalking or harassment. It is also common for parties in divorce and child custody cases to seek a restraining order against the other spouse or parent. Sometimes this is done out of fear, and sometimes it is done out of spite or jealousy.

Types Of Restraining Orders And Types Of Motivation

North Carolina judges can issue two main types of restraining orders: a 50B, which applies to situations in which there is a previous romantic relationship between the parties, and a 50C, which can be issued against a friend, acquaintance, co-worker or even a stranger.

The reality is that not all restraining orders are based on the truth. If you are the subject of a restraining order, you have legal rights. An experienced lawyer can help you protect those rights.

We Will Get All The Evidence And Defend You Strongly

At Besen Law in Asheville, we will get all the evidence related to the restraining order and provide strong representation on your behalf. We can help you if your situation involves:

  • Domestic violence allegations
  • Accusations of harassment or threats on social media like Facebook and Twitter
  • The need to protect your visitation time with your children
  • Texting or phone calls that were perceived as threatening or harassing
  • An argument or assault that occurred in your home or elsewhere
  • False accusations
  • A case in family court

Every conflict is different. Attorney Ted Besen, a former police officer, will take the time to understand your situation and provide you with the guidance you need to improve it.

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