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Penalties for DWI in North Carolina

Drunk driving charges in North Carolina can throw the accused individual's life into different types of chaos. Drunk driving charges can leave the accused individual unable to drive to get to work and facing both potentially serious criminal penalties and administrative consequences.

In North Carolina, drunk driving charges subject the accused individual to a two-part process that includes potential criminal penalties and consequences on one hand and potential administrative consequences on the other. The administrative consequences the accused individual may be facing include potential driver's license suspension. DWI charges can then result in losing a driver's license and still facing the potential criminal consequences of drunk driving charges as well.

Defending against fraud and embezzlement charges

Two commonly known types of white-collar crime include fraud and embezzlement. When an accused individual is facing charges, accusations and allegations of fraud or embezzlement, it is important for them to understand what those criminal charges mean and how they can defend themselves against them.

White collar crimes including fraud and embezzlement can carry potentially stiff penalties and consequences for the accused individual. Fraud crimes typically involve the use of deceit for personal gain and are considered financially motivated crimes. Embezzlement crimes occur when a party is rightfully in possession of money or property but misappropriates it which can be alleged in employment and other types of arrangements as well.

Tips for parents who suspect drug abuse with their college kids

Seeing your child go off to college is often difficult for many parents. You often reflect on your raising style and ponder whether they will be able to withstand the many pressures that accompany college. Fear and anxiety is common with parents but try not to jump to conclusions when it comes to your kid’s college behavior.

College life and the influences they will come across are bound to vary each semester and year. Perhaps you are noticing that with each visit, they are changing in a negative way. Your college kid might not have the same interests, or the same groups of friends. If you suspect drug use is a possibility for your son or daughter, consider these tips in approaching the topic with him/her.

Criminal defense protections and probable cause

An important part of the criminal justice system requires that authorities follow certain procedures to ensure that the rights of accused individuals are protected. When the rights of accused individuals are violated, it is important that they are familiar with criminal defense protections that may help them.

On standard that authorities must follow is the probable cause standard. Police officers must have probable cause to arrest an accused individual; probable cause for a warrant; and probable cause for search and seizure of property. Without meeting this important standard, authorities may be vulnerable to challenges brought against an illegal arrest or search or seizure.

Legal protections for individuals accused of white collar crimes

White collar crimes may sometimes be overlooked as not being as serious as they actually are. White collar crimes can result in serious potential penalties and consequences for accused individuals so they should be taken seriously and properly defended against. Accused individuals are facing the potential loss of their freedom and future.

White collar criminal charges can create a criminal record which can present a variety of challenges for accused individuals including personal and professional difficulties related to employment and education opportunities. White collar crime typically refers to crimes that involve some form of deceit that is employed for personal gain. White collar crimes often involve the theft of information, coercion and deception.

Police officer in North Carolina charged with drunk driving

Drunk driving charges require criminal defense protections. In a North Carolina community east of the Asheville area, a police officer was recently charged with driving while impaired and hit and run after a vehicle he owns was allegedly found with wreck damage to it. According to a release from the police department, authorities received a call about an abandoned vehicle that appeared wrecked. Police officers responded to the vehicle and determined it belonged to the police office who was later arrested for DWI.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol was asked to investigate. The police officer was placed on administrative live with pay following the alleged incident while it is investigated; an internal affairs investigation is also being conducted. The police officer who was arrested on charges of driving while impaired has been with the local police department since 2012.

North Carolina high school teacher faces drug charges

Drug charges are unquestionably serious charges. A high school teacher in a North Carolina community east of the Asheville area was recently arrested on drug charges. Prior to being arrested, the instructional assistant and assistant football coach resigned his roles. The 28-year old man is facing multiple drug charges. Authorities allegedly received a complaint that a teacher at the school was selling drugs on campus. Authorities then investigated the charges over a period of months.

Authorities reported that when searching the man's home and vehicle they recovered approximately 4.18 pounds of marijuana; packaging and repackaging materials for drugs; cash; and a firearm. The man is facing 19 felony charges and one misdemeanor charge. The felony drug charges the man is facing include 4 counts of selling a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a school; 4 counts of possession of a schedule VI controlled substances; 3 counts of selling a schedule VI controlled substance; 3 counts of delivering a schedule VI controlled substance; one count of maintaining a residence for a controlled substance; and 4 counts of maintaining a vehicle for a controlled substance. Depending on what authorities allegedly find, drug possession charges can result in drug trafficking or distribution charges which can be even more serious than drug possession charges.

Drug convictions may limit college financial aid

It is no secret that a college education is expensive. Many college students across the country rely on some form of financial aid, and even then, the amount they receive may not always be enough. The stakes are even higher for college students who carry a drug conviction on their record. According to the U.S. Department of Education, students with a criminal record may have a hard time applying for federal financial aid. This does not mean that all sources of federal aid are off-limits to students who have been convicted. Rather, these students may find it helpful to consider what their options are when it comes to federal funding:

Exploring criminal defense options

A strong criminal defense can protect accused individuals from some of what they are facing when they are charged with committing crime and up against the criminal justice system. There are different ways to develop a criminal defense strategy based on the situation and circumstances and accused individuals should be familiar with what those options are.

In some circumstances, it may be beneficial and the best option for the accused individual to tell the truth of their story as part of their criminal defense strategy. There are a variety of complex circumstances that may apply to the accused individual's situation so it is helpful for them to have trained guidance to understand their full criminal defense options. Options may focus on telling a confession story, a denial story or an admit and explain story.

Legal protections for marijuana-related drug charges

Marijuana-related charges in North Carolina are serious criminal charges that deserve a strong criminal defense strategy. Drug charges can have a disabling effect on accused individuals as they can negatively impact their freedom and future opportunities which is why being familiar with criminal defense options is invaluable for those facing drug charges and accusations.

Most marijuana drug charges begin with a drug stop when a police officer allegedly smells marijuana during the stop. It is important for accused individuals to understand that there are important rights through the criminal justice system that protects them during every phase of the process and that they should be familiar with.

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