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Fighting To Protect Your Driving Privileges

A DWI arrest will put your driving privileges in jeopardy. Refusal to take a sobriety test during a traffic stop will lead to an automatic one-year suspension.


If you were arrested on suspicion of DWI, the reality of license suspension and other potential consequences demands action. Make sure you talk to an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer about your case before you talk to law enforcement about it.

Get Legal Guidance If Your Driving Privileges Are In Jeopardy

If your license has been suspended due to a drunk driving charge or conviction or you are afraid of losing your driving privileges, Besen Law can help. We can represent you in a strategic manner if your case involves:

  • A first DWI, which generally will allow you to obtain limited driving privileges
  • A second or third DWI
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Breathalyzer test refusal
  • An accident attributed to DWI
  • A breath test reading of .15 percent or above, which leads to mandatory installation of an ignition interlock “blow and go” device
  • An underage driver suspected of drunk driving
  • A traffic stop that may have been illegal

Every DWI case should be dealt with as a unique matter. Defense attorney and former police officer Ted Besen can help you understand your rights if you face drunk driving charges.

Talk To An Asheville Attorney For License Suspension

Our firm is based in Asheville, North Carolina. We offer a free consultation regarding license suspension and all other DWI matters. Contact us to learn more.