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Challenging Traffic Stops

Most drivers know they can be arrested on suspicion of drunk driving if their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is above .08 percent. Many drivers do not know that law enforcement officers must follow certain rules before they can legally administer a breath test.


Attorney Ted Besen, who was himself a police officer for six years, knows how to put law enforcement to the test — on behalf of drivers from North Carolina and from out of state. He helps clients defend themselves against drunk driving charges of all types. Do not wait — call today to schedule your free initial consultation: 828-702-0568.

While a breath-testing machine such as a Breathalyzer is the primary means of sobriety testing during a traffic stop, there are other sobriety test methods used by law enforcement in North Carolina. Some of them are rudimentary and subject to the opinion of the officer: the one-legged stand, the walk-and-turn, the “horizontal gaze” test and more.

Furthermore, an officer may make decisions about whether to Breathalyze a driver after noticing steering behaviors, observing the appearance of a driver’s eyes or forming impressions about the smell of a driver’s breath. These nonscientific tests can lead an officer to establish probable cause for a traffic stop after the stop is made, which may be unlawful.

Defending Drivers | Using Law Enforcement Knowledge

If you have been charged with DWI, Besen Law, based in Asheville, can help you protect your rights and driving privileges. We delve below the surface concepts, addressing key issues such as:

  • How cops establish suspicion to pull a driver over
  • Why state troopers put drivers in the front seat of a squad car
  • How to handle a driver’s refusal to blow into a machine
  • How to deal with an accident that triggered an arrest
  • The legal impact of high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) — above .15 percent
  • The difference between breath tests and blood tests

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