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Fighting Accusations Of Child Abuse And Neglect

Many people are accused of child abuse or neglect after a county department of social services (DSS) gets involved in a case. In some situations, the trigger is an event involving injury to a child; in other cases, it is a problem a parent is experiencing that is having a negative impact on his or her child or children.


If you have been accused of child abuse or neglect, an experienced attorney can help you protect your legal rights as an individual and, in some cases, work to protect your parental rights.

Providing Legal Guidance To Parents And Guardians

Besen Law is based in Asheville, North Carolina. We provide practical legal guidance to parents and guardians accused of child abuse and child neglect. We can represent you if your case involves:

  • Physical harm to a child
  • Allegations of domestic violence in relation to a fight, altercation or incident in a home that led to a 911 call
  • Accusations of sexual abuse of a minor
  • Educational neglect or reported gross neglect of a child’s needs
  • The use of alcohol or drugs by a guardian or care provider

Attorney Ted Besen is a former law enforcement officer with practical knowledge of how domestic violence cases work. He helps clients navigate the challenges of the legal system.

Experienced Asheville Lawyer For Child Abuse And Neglect Cases | Free Consultation

Contact Besen Law for advice about your case at 828-702-0568. We offer a free, confidential consultation about child abuse and neglect cases.