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There are many scenarios where an individual could become addicted to painkillers or other types of prescription medications. In some scenarios, the individual may even go to great lengths to get his or her hands on the drugs that he or she has become addicted to, including forging prescriptions.


Illegal prescription drug use is very common in North Carolina, especially when it comes to narcotics. The most common types of crime include possession of a controlled substance, prescription fraud and distribution offenses.

Some prescription drug cases start when a person is found to have a pill in his or her possession during a traffic stop. Other cases stem from the theft of a prescription pad from a doctor’s office or the stealing of medications themselves. All prescription drug charges should be taken seriously.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a prescription drug offense, you should talk to a lawyer who will know how to resolve your case as favorably as possible. Talk to Besen Law in Asheville, North Carolina, in a free initial consultation: 828-702-0568.

Programs That Can Help With Addiction

At Besen Law, we provide strong, knowledgeable defense representation to clients accused of prescription drug crimes. Attorney Ted Besen, a former law enforcement officer who knows how the other side thinks, can guide you through the legal process if your case concerns:

  • Oxycodone, OxyContin, Xanax or another medication
  • Prescription drug fraud
  • Forgery or forging and uttering
  • The selling of drugs

As is the case with other drug offenses, deferred prosecution programs may be available in your case. When completed successfully, these programs can help participants succeed in recovery from addiction and lead to the dismissal of the criminal charges.

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