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Finding Solutions For Parents

High school and college-aged individuals are known to make mistakes. Mistakes involving drinking and driving do not have to haunt young people for a lifetime. With proactive, experienced legal defense strategies, your child under the age of 21 can mitigate the consequences of drinking and driving.

Most underage DWI arrests happen after parties. Many young drivers are pulled over and tested after they commit a traffic offense.

In North Carolina, the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit is .08 percent. However, it is illegal for an underage driver (a driver under the age of 21) to have any alcohol in his or her blood. That means a college or high school student who is pulled over and blows a .01 or .02 can have his or her driver’s license suspended — until he or she turns 21 — for “driving after consuming.” That is a serious matter.

If your son or daughter was accused of underage drinking and driving, talk to a lawyer with real experience in this area of the law. Every county is different. You will want representation from an attorney who knows exactly how underage DWI cases are handled in that county. Call our law firm today to arrange a free consultation: 828-702-0568.

Defending Young Drivers

At Besen Law in Asheville, North Carolina, we defend young drivers and provide guidance to their families during stressful times. We help parents find solutions. We stay in touch with our clients through all stages of their cases, answering their questions and returning their calls.

Attorney Ted Besen is a former police officer with an extensive understanding of traffic stops, DWI laws and options for young people to avoid a DWI conviction. In some cases, a young driver can be put into a diversion program that involves education and/or community service. As your lawyer, Ted will research the facts of your case, discuss your options with you and help you make informed choices.

Contact An Asheville Lawyer For Underage DWI Charges

Every underage DWI case is different. Contact us to discuss your case with a lawyer who can help.