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Drunk driving charges require criminal defense protections. In a North Carolina community east of the Asheville area, a police officer was recently charged with driving while impaired and hit and run after a vehicle he owns was allegedly found with wreck damage to it. According to a release from the police department, authorities received a call about an abandoned vehicle that appeared wrecked. Police officers responded to the vehicle and determined it belonged to the police office who was later arrested for DWI.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol was asked to investigate. The police officer was placed on administrative live with pay following the alleged incident while it is investigated; an internal affairs investigation is also being conducted. The police officer who was arrested on charges of driving while impaired has been with the local police department since 2012.

Accusations, allegations and charges of driving while impaired can take a significant toll on the professional and personal lives of accused individuals. That is why it is important accused individuals are familiar with their criminal defense rights and with the safeguards in place that authorities must satisfy when charging and investigating crimes. Accused individuals may have a variety of different defense options to consider depending on the situation and circumstances which is why they should know how to defend themselves against drunk driving charges.

The penalties and consequences associated with drunk driving charges can include both criminal and administrative penalties. Because of the serious nature of drunk driving charges, accused individuals should be adequately prepared to defend themselves against all aspects of the charges they are facing.