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Two commonly known types of white-collar crime include fraud and embezzlement. When an accused individual is facing charges, accusations and allegations of fraud or embezzlement, it is important for them to understand what those criminal charges mean and how they can defend themselves against them.

White collar crimes including fraud and embezzlement can carry potentially stiff penalties and consequences for the accused individual. Fraud crimes typically involve the use of deceit for personal gain and are considered financially motivated crimes. Embezzlement crimes occur when a party is rightfully in possession of money or property but misappropriates it which can be alleged in employment and other types of arrangements as well.

Accused individuals should be aware that in circumstances of fraud charges, the prosecutors will have to prove that the accused individual had the requisite criminal intent to have committed fraud. Likewise, for embezzlement charges to stick, the prosecution must prove a fiduciary relationship between the parties that was violated. It is helpful for accused individuals to fully understand the charges they are facing and what must be proven against them. Harsh penalties and consequences can include incarceration, stiff fines and a criminal record that can follow the accused individual for a lifetime.

Because the potential penalties and consequences associated with white collar crimes can be so serious, it is important for accused individuals to be well acquainted with criminal defense options. A strong criminal defense strategy can help them address the charges they are facing, as well as the potential penalties and consequences associated with the charges.