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Marijuana-related charges in North Carolina are serious criminal charges that deserve a strong criminal defense strategy. Drug charges can have a disabling effect on accused individuals as they can negatively impact their freedom and future opportunities which is why being familiar with criminal defense options is invaluable for those facing drug charges and accusations.

Most marijuana drug charges begin with a drug stop when a police officer allegedly smells marijuana during the stop. It is important for accused individuals to understand that there are important rights through the criminal justice system that protects them during every phase of the process and that they should be familiar with.

Individuals may also be accused of drug trafficking as well in addition to drug possession, possession of marijuana with the intent to sell or distribute and other drug charges. Large amounts of drugs or drugs packaged in a certain manner may lead to more serious drug charges. Drug charges can result in incarceration, fines and a criminal record that can make the accused individual’s future difficult. Drug charges can be defended against using different strategies.

Drug charges may be challenged based on the alleged facts of the incident and the behavior of authorities which helps to ensure that accused individuals and their rights are protected. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to have the charges reduced or eliminated altogether or the accused individual may be able to enter a drug diversion program. It is important that accused individuals pursue the criminal defense option that is the best option for them which is why they should be familiar with all of the criminal defense resources available at their fingertips.