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A strong criminal defense can protect accused individuals from some of what they are facing when they are charged with committing crime and up against the criminal justice system. There are different ways to develop a criminal defense strategy based on the situation and circumstances and accused individuals should be familiar with what those options are.

In some circumstances, it may be beneficial and the best option for the accused individual to tell the truth of their story as part of their criminal defense strategy. There are a variety of complex circumstances that may apply to the accused individual’s situation so it is helpful for them to have trained guidance to understand their full criminal defense options. Options may focus on telling a confession story, a denial story or an admit and explain story.

In other circumstances, or as part of a complete criminal defense strategy, it may also be possible to challenge the actions of police, credibility of witnesses and accuracy of the alleged facts and evidence presented against the accused individual. Additionally, if police violated required procedures, or collected evidence or witness statements, in violation of the accused individual’s rights, it may also be important to include those considerations as part of an overall criminal defense strategy.

Criminal defense options are important to consider because they are what stands in between accused individuals and potentially serious penalties and consequences when they are facing criminal charges, accusations and allegations. Accused individuals should always be familiar with their criminal defense options and rights.