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There are several different types of crimes that fall under the broader category of white collar crimes. One category of white collar crimes includes financial crimes. Being charged with a financially-motivated crime in North Carolina can have a long-lasting impact on the accused individual’s life for years to come, which is why they should be familiar with criminal defense options available to help them.

Different types of crimes fall under the category white collar crimes, but two include embezzlement and fraud crimes. Embezzlement crimes include the theft of assets or property by someone who is rightfully in possession of the assets or property but misappropriates them. Examples can include financial advisors or employees with access to the assets or property. The accused individual must have the necessary criminal intent and there must be a fiduciary relationship between the parties. Fraud crimes involve the use of dishonesty or misrepresentation to take money or property from another person. Similar to embezzlement, the accused individual must also have criminal intent.

Financial crimes such as embezzlement and fraud require a strong criminal defense because of the serious potential long-term damage they can do to the accused individual’s life. The possible penalties and consequences an individual accused of a financial crime include incarceration and potentially steep fines. It is important to understand the details of these crimes when facing them and the criminal defense options available to respond.

At Bensen Law, we have handled white collar crime cases where the stakes are high for the accused. We believe our clients deserve tenacious advocacy. White collar crimes can be complicated, so it can be beneficial to have a skilled legal defense representative on your side.