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If your child is facing a charge or conviction for driving under the influence, it can be difficult to deal with. You likely have many questions, such as “how will this influence future jobs?” or “what will this do to school scholarships?”

DUIs are one of the most common types of traffic arrests, as over 10 million individuals report driving while intoxicated. While it is common, most states take driving under the influence very seriously.

How are the immediate consequences determined?

If this is your child’s first time facing charges of driving while intoxicated, the punishment may be less severe. In North Carolina, the penalty for a DUI conviction is decided based one of the five levels (level five being the least harsh) of severity. The factors include:

  • Blood Alcohol Level
  • If prescription medication were involved
  • Current driving record
  • The specific situation
  • Driving history

Are there long-term consequences?

Even after your child atones for their mistake, there can be lasting effects. This will likely stay on their record and show up on background checks for future jobs. A DUI conviction may make your child look like an undesirable employee candidate.

In terms of insurance, a DUI conviction will almost positively increase the rate. Your child can be considered a “high-risk” driver for an extended period of time. Similarly, college scholarships are rarely given to those who have a DUI on their record. These individuals may be seen as putting less importance on their education and may even have current scholarships revoked.

If your child is dealing with a DUI charge, it is not the end of the world. However, there are serious consequences that come with being convicted.