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Drug charges should never be taken lightly, as they carry potentially stiff penalties and consequences. A candidate for sheriff in a nearby North Carolina community, and his son, were recently arrested for drug offenses. According to authorities, they conducted a month-long investigation into the pair before arresting them. Both men, the 63-year-old candidate for sheriff and his 30-year-old son, were the focus of the investigation.

Authorities reported that undercover agents purchased marijuana from the pair. A search warrant was executed on a home where police allegedly found numerous items including several bags and containers of marijuana that were packaged individually; digital scales; packaging materials; ledgers; drug paraphernalia; money and a weapon. Both men were taken to jail following their arrests.

Drug charges can result in a criminal record, incarceration, fines and other potential professional and personal consequences. Because of the serious nature of drug charges, it is essential to promptly begin exploring criminal defense options and know how to assert criminal defense rights. A criminal defense response to drug charges may be based on the conduct of authorities in circumstances when they failed to safeguard the rights of accused individuals. It may be possible to challenge drug charges by challenging the alleged facts of the situation; police or witness statements; or the conduct of police. In some circumstances, specific defenses, such as an entrapment defense, may be available to accused individuals.

Knowing how to be protected as the accused individual journeys through the criminal justice system is essential. Accused individuals should be familiar with their criminal defense options and rights and how they apply to protect them in the specific circumstances they face.