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Protecting Your Children During Divorce

Child custody is one of the most important aspects of any divorce. It is also one of the most commonly disputed issues, as both parents feel strongly about the terms of their custody and visitation order. Our founding lawyer, Ted J. Besen, understands that a lot is on the line for you as a North Carolina parent, but you do not have to face these complex matters alone.

Besen Law in Asheville provides the knowledgeable support you need when facing complex legal concerns involving your family. The terms of your custody order will affect your role in the life of your child, and we will work diligently for a resolution that ultimately protects your parental rights and the best interests of your children.

What Factors Impact Child Custody?

In the past, courts commonly granted custody to the mother, giving the father weekend visitation. Now, courts consider the benefits of children above all else, which means allowing the kids to have strong relationships with both parents after divorce if possible. It is now quite common for parents to share joint custody. Regardless of the type of custody arrangement you wish to pursue, the following factors are important:

  • Legal custody, which is the right to make critical decisions for the child
  • Parenting time and visitation schedules
  • Access to extended family members such as grandparents
  • The wishes and needs of the children

You have the right to keep your custody arrangement out of court, which may allow you more control over the details of the final order. There are different types of custody arrangements, and we can provide guidance for you as you make these important decisions. We can also advocate for your interests if your custody matter goes in front of a judge.

Financial Support, Modifications And Your Rights

Child support is often a difficult issue between parents. In most cases, the custodial parent will receive financial support from the other parent for care of the children. The amount depends on the needs of the children, the parent’s ability to pay, parenting time schedules and other factors.

Life changes happen, and it may be necessary to seek a modification to your custody or child support order at some point. If you need to change your order, we will advocate for your interests, helping you pursue a beneficial outcome to your current concerns.

We Are Ready To Help You

We understand how important it is to protect your rights as a parent. We will work diligently on your behalf, helping you fight for an order that is fair for you and beneficial for your children. Contact our attorney at 828-702-0568 or email our team for an evaluation of your case.