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A criminal defense strategy is important when an accused individual in North Carolina is facing criminal charges. Each criminal defense strategy is unique to the circumstances, the accused individual’s situation and to the charges the accused individual is facing.

The prosecution is required to prove the accused individual guilty of the charges they are facing beyond a reasonable doubt. Each accused individual is considered innocent until they are proven guilty. There are a variety of criminal defense strategies that can help accused individuals potentially mitigate the charges or penalties they are facing or may result in the charges being eliminated altogether. Each criminal defense strategy is unique to the situation.

In some situations, it may be possible to provide an alibi that the accused individual was not where police say they were at the time of the alleged crime. In other situations, it may be possible to challenge the facts of the case as alleged by police or eyewitness statements or testimony. Other defenses may include self-defense, insanity, duress, under the influence or entrapment. It is also important to evaluate the conduct of police to determine if they violated any of the accused individual’s constitutional rights.

Developing a strong criminal defense strategy can be the key to preserving the freedom and future of the accused individual. Regardless of what criminal charges the accused individual is facing, all can carry a potential criminal record or the threat of incarceration and steep fines, which is why accused individuals should always understand their rights, options and protections when considering how to defend against criminal charges.