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October 2018 Archives

Challenging breath and field sobriety tests when accused of DWI

It is important to know that although they are used to charge accused individuals with driving while impaired, field sobriety tests and other tests can be challenged. For instance, it may be possible to challenge that the field sobriety test was not properly administered or that the police officer administering it was not properly qualified to administer it. This is also true of a breath test.

Study-enhancing drugs carry repercussions long past exam week

Many high school and college students in North Carolina are currently experiencing one of the most challenging parts of the fall semester: midterms. Exams, group projects, papers and other important assignments pile up at this point in the semester and many students feel the need to turn to additional resources to manage this demanding workload.

A closer look at the white-collar crime of embezzlement

Embezzlement is a significant criminal charge that must be taken seriously by accused individuals in North Carolina. An embezzlement accusation is an allegation that the accused individual has committed a theft of assets they were in a position of trust over.

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