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How will a DWI affect your future?

Drinking and going to parties are pretty typical aspects of college life. Being in college can be stressful and it is natural to want to blow off steam and have fun with your friends at parties or bars.

However, while you may be tempted to get in the car and drive home after a night out, drunk driving has severe consequences. Drinking and driving is a serious offense. It puts others on the road in danger and there is a reason it is punished so harshly.

Getting charged with a DWI can impact your future significantly, too. The consequences extend far beyond being arrested and charged. A DWI can affect the rest of your college career and your future endeavors.

Consequences in college

If you are charged with a DWI the local police will likely report it to your college. Your university may punish you through their own system.

Some consequences of a DWI at your college include:

  • Loss of scholarship or financial aid
  • Loss of housing contract
  • Suspension
  • Mandatory alcohol awareness classes
  • Community service
  • Expulsion

Punishment through your university can have long term effects on your education and ability to get your degree.

Trying to find a job

A DWI will go on your record and show up on background checks, too. This means it could affect your chances at finding a job in the future.

If you plan on going into a career where you need to obtain a license, such as law or medicine, a DWI charge could affect your chances of getting licensed. As a result, you might not be able to work in that field.

Having a DWI on your record also can affect your chances of getting teaching or government-related jobs as these typically have strict standards.

As you can see, the consequences of being charged with a DWI are harsh. Not only will the results impact your life short term, as you may have to serve jail time or get your license suspended, but there are significant long term effects, too.

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