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Embezzlement is a significant criminal charge that must be taken seriously by accused individuals in North Carolina. An embezzlement accusation is an allegation that the accused individual has committed a theft of assets they were in a position of trust over.

Embezzlement charges can commonly be brought in employment and corporate settings. Embezzlement can occur in circumstances where employees are given lawful possession of property that they are accused of misappropriating. Embezzlement accusations oftentimes occur in circumstances when an individual is given access to another party’s property or money to manage or monitor it for the best interest of the owner and then misappropriates the assets for their own personal gain or use while covertly concealing their activities. Embezzlement can occur when a large amount of money is taken all at once or smaller amounts may be misappropriated over long periods of time.

In general, embezzlement is a type of white-collar crime that can carry serious potential penalties and consequences for accused individuals. There are several elements of embezzlement charges that must be proven against the accused individual including a fiduciary relationship between the parties in that there is reliance by one party on the other; the accused party acquired the property through the relationship; the accused party took ownership of the property or transferred it to someone else; and the accused individual acted intentionally.

Because so much must be proven when an accused individual has allegedly committed embezzlement, it is important for accused individuals to be familiar with possible defense strategies that may protect them from the charges. Criminal defense options serve to protect accused individuals from accusations and allegations that have been leveled against them and, as a result, accused individuals should always be familiar with criminal defense strategies available to them.