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If you're looking at my website then you no doubt have been charged with a crime and maybe even charged with a serious crime or have been contacted by the police to come down and to talk with them. Well, STOP! This is what you need to know: if you have not been charged yet immediately consult an attorney. There is no law that requires you to talk to the police voluntarily. You actually have a Constitutional right not to say anything to the police AND to have an attorney present if you decide to talk to them.

What to do if confronted by the police: immediately ask for an attorney. If you don't have one this keeps the police from asking you questions. Once you ask for an attorney the police have to stop asking you questions. It's the law. Tell them you have the right to talk to an attorney before you answer any questions. Many times the police have guessed or stumbled onto something that might seem illegal and they have very little evidence, if any at all, until you confess, admit to it, or otherwise say something that implicates you in the crime the police are investigating. This is probably the single most damaging aspect of someone being questioned about a crime: the confession. Do not talk to the police! No matter if you talk or not, the police have either already made their minds up to arrest you or just need that confession to seal you fate. Don't talk to them. Be polite but DO NOT TALK TO THEM until you've talked to a lawyer.

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At The Law Office of Ted Besen in Asheville, North Carolina, we are known for two things: taking every case seriously and treating every client with respect. We understand the stress our clients are experiencing. We understand that their cases are very important to them and their families. We also understand what it takes to reach the best possible outcome in each case we take on.

As your law firm, we will always do everything we can to obtain good results for you in court. We will promptly return your phone calls. We will listen to your concerns and answer your questions clearly. We don't mind going above and beyond what is expected — because that is how we want to be treated.

Strong Representation In Criminal And Traffic Matters

At The Law Office of Ted Besen, our attorneys provide strong defense representation in criminal and traffic matters. We can represent you or a loved one if you need assistance with:

  • A DWI arrest
  • A drug offense — possession, distribution or trafficking
  • Expungement and motions for appropriate relief — we may be able to help you remove arrests and charges from your record and clear your name
  • An assault charge
  • A domestic violence case or a situation involving a restraining order
  • An accusation of theft
  • A sex crimes case

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